Pudel pehme plast (750ml) Prozis EU

Tootja: PROZIS Sport
Tootekood: 191006225320
Saadavus: Laos
Hind: 5.00€

Hinnavõit: 1.10€ (22%)
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To Be the Best, Choose the Best

What do you look for in your sports equipment? Ergonomics? Resistance? Endurance? Flexibility? Or adaptability?

The Prozis Hydrox bottle is ready for the match and can't wait to play with you.

Here's a bottle you can count on, training after training, race after race, match after match.

Prozis Hydrox is the sporty bottle designed to help you beat your past and become the best. To help you go that last mile towards the goal, towards the finish line, towards the podium.

Hydrox bottle, part of the game.


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